A Custom Garage Offers More than Just a Place to Park Your Car

1 05 2012

A custom garage is the perfect spot for your teens to entertain.

If you’re building a new garage, consider making it a custom garage that offers more space and adds living area to your home. Custom garages can be larger than traditional garages and normally have finished walls, durable carpeting or tiling, cupboard or storage space and a source of heat or air-conditioning. These make ideal locations for parties and family get-togethers or extra area when you have more than just a few guests in your home. A custom garage is the perfect spot for your teens to entertain. They’re at home in a comfortable area but still have the feeling of freedom. You can also add extras such as a wet bar, bathroom or kitchenette.

Give Your Garage Some Love

4 12 2011

When you go into your garage, do you feel comfortable? Does it reflect garage love or show lack of care and indifference? Your garage is part of your home and deserves a little special treatment. You face it every day when you get into your car. Of course, you might have it so stuffed; you park your car outside. Of course, the neighbors notice where you park. They know what lurks behind the door, just by the fact there’s no room for your car! It’s time to change all that and improve your surroundings. It’s time to give a little garage love.

DIY Flooring

30 11 2011

Flooring is a big part of a car room. It has to be durable and strong, as well as smooth, textured for easy mobility, visually appealing, and as often as possible, easy to install. Most people never get around to improving their car room floors because is sounds like a difficult and costly job, but that doesn’t need to be the case if you buy DIY flooring. DIY flooring can be easily snapped into place, that’s right – I said snapped into place, and comes in an awesome selection of colors and patterns. If you’re planning on adding new flooring to you car room, you’ll want to check out DIY flooring first.

Adding Garage Color to Your Man Cave

27 11 2011

When you think of your garage (or soon to be man cave), you typically just see a bunch of grey concrete floor space, boring walls and wood. Well, it doesn’t need to be that way. You can easily add garage color that can make the room look bigger and brighter and finish it off with photos of good times with friends, posters of your favorite cars and create a great space for all your tools on something other than plywood. If you really want to take jazzing up your car room to new levels, put in some garage flooring. It is available in a variety of colors and textures that will add the perfect, finishing touches to your car room.

Basement Man Cave

22 11 2011

The basement is a great place to have a man cave. You can fit in a pool table, a bar, a dart board and so much more. Just let your imagination rum wild. But before you get started, you’re going to want to put down some durable basement flooring. If you’re planning on having it carpeted, make sure its tough enough to handle you and your friends as well as stain resistant. The same goes for any basement flooring you plan on using from flooring tile to vinyl. There’s going to be a lot of activity going on in this man cave and you don’t want to have to redo basement flooring over and over again.

Man Cave

My Car Room – Garage Designs

17 11 2011

Creating the perfect environment in your car room as a place to chill out, hang with the guys and even work on the car can be a lot of fun. It can be pretty easy to do and jazzing up the garage floor can have the biggest impact while still being affordable. With just a little thought you can come up with something unique, using different colored floor tile or interlocking garage floor tiles in a variety of patterns and colors. The best part of all is that they are easy to install. Putting down your new car room flooring will set the stage for all the other updates you want to do, like adding a TV, entertainment system and who knows what else.

Race Deck XL flooring with 12" x 12" inlay..

A Garage to Be Proud Of

20 10 2011

For the majority of car owners, the garage is a place to store unused items such as furniture, camping equipment and maybe the car if there is room in between the ping-pong table and Christmas decorations. Car owners, especially those with classic and collectible showcase cars really need to have a place in their garage for showing off the beauty they have. Many of the car collectors have spend hours dreaming and working to own the car of their dreams and it makes perfect sense to have the type of garage flooring to set it off perfectly.

A garage is defined as a place to keep the car safe from the unruly elements of the weather and damage, which is why the environment of the garage is so important. Any car that is kept in a clean, well organized environment will run better and more importantly be admired by others as the classic automobile it is. The main enemies of collectible cars are moisture, dirt and other adverse environmental conditions that harm the exterior or interior of the automobile.

Garage walls, ceilings and floors can easily be designed to complement the cars housed within them. The addition of specially made and designed floor tiles that feature the same styles used in high profile showcase car environmental conditions can really make the car you love and cherish stand out from the rest of the mundane automobiles in your neighborhood. Garage flooring is manufactured and installed by professionals or private individuals who know about keeping the garage in top condition for housing the cars you have invested time, money and love into.

One of the unique features with showcase cars is that the flooring underneath them is often elaborately patterned with checkered and bordered tiles, similar to the finish flag used in automobile racing. As such, the flooring is designed to withstand wear and tear of moving the car in and out of the garage. Highly reflective surfaces offer the admirer a look at the underside of the car, which is of primary interest to enthusiasts as the source of its power and mystique.

Showcase cars and motorcycles are lovingly taken care of and enjoyed by their owners. This is of course, inclusive of the whole indoor environment that the motor vehicle is kept in. A garage that is clean, orderly and has a spectacular floor designed to set the car off to perfection will be an asset for the automobile owner for years to come. Insignia and other mementos can be added the walls and lighting added but nothing shows off your pride and joy collectible car like a specially designed garage floor with a solid border that frames the car perfectly. Yes, it is possible to have a garage to be proud of, worthy of any showcase cars that are housed inside, safe from the ravages of the environment.

A Clean Garage Is A Happy Garage,,,

13 10 2011

Do you remember when you parked your car in your garage for the first time? Do you remember how clean it looked and that you actually could see the walls and all of the floor? It is a fact that most of us end up using our garages for storage. The last impression we have when we leave and the first one we get when coming home is one of grime and clutter. The luxurious feeling of space and order has disappeared. I doubt that makes you happy. Don’t despair because I have 7 simple steps that will return your garage into a room you can be proud of.

1. First get your car or motorcycle out of the garage so you easily can get to your clutter and separate it into general areas of categories.

2. Go through the piles and discard anything broken or things you have not had any use for within the last year. Be careful with hazardous waste, home and garden fluids, paint or electronics. Check with your town office or go online and find the proper methods of recycling these items. Paint can be discarded in your household waste if it is dry. You can pour it out on a big sheet of plastic and spread cat litter on it. That will dry it out quickly and will be acceptable as household waste.

3. Once your trash has been discarded you may still have useable stuff left. You may have enough to have a garage sale. If not, you could combine your stuff with neighbors and have a combined garage sale or just donate to a charity. Not only are you doing a good deed but you may also qualify for a tax deduction depending on your tax bracket. Don’t forget that your free time has value too!

4. Now is the time to repair the walls if needed. Remove everything attached to the walls, fill in holes with drywall compound if you are not planning to use the same locations. A new coat of paint will give your garage an instant fresh look. I recommend you select a bright and neutral color to visually open up the space.

5. Think about storage options for you remaining stuff. For a clean look get cabinets, wall racks or even tubs on shelving. The less you have standing on the floor the less corners you have where dirt can accumulate. Many wall units manufactured today can be suspended from a single rail mounted on the wall and that makes installation a breeze.

6. The garage floor is often overlooked but deserves your attention too. Maybe a good wash is all that is needed, but if you really want a dramatic improvement you have a few options. There are do-it-yourself garage floor epoxy paints but for a longer lasting floor you really need it applied by a professional, since many steps, including handling acid, are required in the proper application. A very easy garage floor do-it-yourself option are interlocking floor tiles. If you go with this option, make sure the product has been manufactured in the USA. Some foreign manufactures have been known to add fillers in the material to make them cheaper but of course of much lesser quality. Not so with the tiles made in the USA. SnapLock Industries is the industry leader in this type of flooring. Their garage flooring is made from a high impact co-polymer and warranted for 15 years. They come in many colors and with different surface textures available. Your garage will be re-floored in a few hours with no prep work needed and without glue or toxic fumes.

7. The last thing you need to do is to keep your “new” garage clean and clutter free.

Completing these steps should not take more than a few evenings or a weekend to complete. Your garage will again be a place where you don’t mind spending time and returning to when driving home.